Joraform – leader in local composting!

Since 1990, Joraform has developed and marketed compost machines for local composting of domestic waste. Our clients are primarily tenant-owner’s associations, housing firms, building companies, schools and institutional kitchens. At present Joraform has delivered more than 1000 automatic compost machines, in Sweden as well as abroad.

Joraform is a company with extensive experience in the field of composting domestic waste. We have been cooperating with The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) in composting projects, where several hundreds of households have been participating. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Statens Lantbruksuniversitet) has been doing analyses and cultivation experiments of the resulting compost. Our mission is to develop environmental products that make it easier for you to live with awareness and respect for the natural environment. The idea of recycling pervades the entire company.

Our Products

Joraform JK5100


Joraform JK125


Joraform JK270


Joraform JK125


Constant Development

Joraform is a company under constant development. It all began in 1990 with our rotating compost bin for single-family households.

We were the first company that presented the idea of a rotating compost bin and we have continued to develop it. Today we can provide solutions for composting the domestic waste of up to several hundreds of households.

Our fully automatic large compost machines have a capacity of up to 700 litres /week. The large compost machines are equipped with a shredder, which is necessary for effective and rational composting. The system consists of two chambers which let the post-composting take place inside the bin, which in turn means that the compost mould is ready to be used immediately after emptying and is therefore an attractive product for the end-users.

JK 5100 is a modern generation of compost machines for multi-family households, institutional kitchens and schools. The compost vessels are mainly made by stainless steel. Our products stand in comparison at all levels; convenience, quality and service.

Easy and convenient

In order to use a large compost machine you do not have to be an expert in composting. Relatively speaking you only have to learn to sort your household waste. After installing a compost machine, we always supply our customers with the relevant information on how composting works and how to operate the compost machine.



By composting your domestic waste in your neighborhood, you will reduce the weight of your waste up to 50 % (Sweden).

JK5100 – Makes it easy and efficient to compost all your food waste, even meat and fish.

JK 5100 – A compostmachine adapted to ecocycle
With receptacles made of stainless steel.

JK 5100 is a modern compost machine, with an unique mixing function. JK 5100 makes it easy and convenient for you to compost locally where you live or have your business.


All the waste passes the powerful grinder before it reaches the process chamber, where the waste is treated and aired with a newly developed mixing techniqe. After about a fortnight, the mixing mechanism passes the material into the chamber to finalise the ripening process. The chamber for ripening is, of course, equipped with a separate mixing function. For obtaining the best possible end product with perfect hygiene the composter has two chambers. The chute is placed conveniently, also for those chairbound.


An important part of our environmental policy is to develop producs that can be manufactured from recycled or recyclable material. 95% of all parts in compostmachine JK5100 is recyclable materials.


The compost machine is designed to meet high demands on availability and hygiene. The machine is easy to maintain. The chute for charging the food waste is placed conveniently for the user. The compost receptacles have inspection covers. The pure design facilitates the comprehension of the different steps of the composting process.

1. Chute for charging food waste
2. Composting
3. Ripening
4. Emptying



The machine has serveral in-built safety functions. Naturally the chute is locked during grinding. When the chute is open, the grinder motor is locked. The mixer an aerator are built in.



JK 5100 is a robust genuine construction, mainly made of stainless steel. All wearing parts are replaceable for optimal working life. The compost machine has a programmable unit, which can easily be adapted to the waste.

Technical facts JK5100
Outer dimensions: 295x117cmx150cm (LxWxH)
Main connection: 3-phase connection 16A
Weight: 850 kg (1870 lb)
Ventilation Built-in fan
Capacity: Up to 700 l (185 gal) per week with a density of 0,5 kg (1.1 lb) per litre
Placement: Frostproof room
Material: Mainly stainless steel
Patent pending: SE 9903148-6

JK 125/270/400
JK125/JK270/JK400 – an ecological revolution of your own.
Tested and passed
JK125/270/400 has been tested and evaluated in a project comprising 466 households in small houses and blocks of flats and day nurseries. The results have proved most satisfactory as has been shown in the Report No. 4229 by the Swedish Authority for Environment Conservation.

A rotating heat compost for convenient and simple use all the year round. Enjoy seeing the conversion of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost earth. Compost earth with which you can fertilize lawns, potted plants, and flower beds.

In a JORA compost it´s very easy to compost all your kitchen food waste including meat and fish. Not many composters can do that.

Please read this customer review :

The key to success is rotation
Mixing is necessary for making a compost to work well. Both for making the fresh waste coming into contact with that already mouldered, thereby rendering the process more effective, and in order to add air, necessary for the high demand for oxygen of the process.

This is done in a very simple way because the JORA composters are constructed for easy rotation. Furthermore it is very easy to adjust the air supply to suit the quantity of waste by aid of ventilators in the side walls of the machine. Insufficient airing makes a compost smell bad.


JK 125/270/400 – heat and efficiency

Breaking down of a compost generates heat. Different microorganisms start working at different temperatures. Our composters is well insulated and allows the temperature to rise to as high as +75 degrees centigrade at maximum breaking down. Without insulation it may not be possible to reach such a high temperature, which in turn means that microorganisms demanding high temperatures for their activity will never start working.

Using an insulated, rotating compost you get a more even heat distribution and an active breaking down process in the entire volume. That is why composting is made rapid; approximately 6-8 weeks time. The high composting temperature makes the JORA composters especially suited for kitchen waste.


Two compartments, for maximum result

JK 125/270/400 is divided into two compartments to make emptying and bringing to maturity easier. It also means that your kitchen waste could be added every day, but still be able to mature for 6-8 weeks after the last batch was put in.